Natal Chart Reading Scenario's

Which One Are You?

Scenario 1:

You are on your spiritual path and you know that you need a Natal Chart Reading but....Let's Face It...They Are Expensive!

The live one's anyway...the pre-recorded ones are cheaper but you don't get to ask any questions and sometimes the info just doesn't resonate with you.

So you look for the expert...If you want a real live natal/birth chart reading done by an expert, you are looking at a minimum of $100 all the way up to $1,000.

Here's the thing. You simply get a reading and when the reading is done you may still have either try to find the answers on your on or worse pay again for another reading! This is not only time consuming, but expensive as well.

Scenario 2:

You love Astrology so much that you watch endless videos on YouTube and you have at least one app downloaded on your phone!

When you meet someone you want to immediately as them. "When were you born, where, and what time." However, when you download a natal chart, you only understand some parts of it.

You think to yourself, what exactly is an aspect...and why does Saturn conjunct Jupiter...and what exactly does that mean anyway...?

So you stick to the basics, always yearning to truly be able to understand how to completely read a natal chart.

Why you need to learn how to read your own natal/birth chart...

The natal/birth chart is vital to understanding who you are in this current time and space reality. It is like a "cheat sheet" that helps you to navigate through this dimension. Once you learn how to truly decipher your natal chart, then you can not only improve their life, career, and relationships, but you can even find their purpose in life or soul mission.

Astrology 1 Curriculum

The Planets

You will learn all about the Personal Planets, Social Planets, and the Transpersonal planets.

The Signs

You will learn all about the Fire, Air, Earth, & Water Signs.

This is Part 1 of a 3 part 10 hour professional easy to learn course that breaks down the birth/natal chart so that you can not only read your chart, but others as well!

Course Length

Approximately 3 hours of content broken down into sections. This course can be completed in as little as 3 weeks to 2 months and longer. The timing is up to you!

On Demand

You take this course according to your own schedule!

Course Format

Private Course Page with videos and downloadable worksheets.

Professionally created easy to follow presentations.


This course is also hands-on, you will have assignments after every part.


A textbook is required for this course and will be shipped out to you free of charge as soon as you

Sample Lesson

Planets Overview

Course Instructor

Kyree ‘The Hood Mystic’ Anthony, an exceptionally gifted Astrologer, Aspectarian, Tarot Card Reader, author, and avid teacher with an incredible passion for seeing people grow spiritually and in their endeavors. He discovered his innate gift at a tender age and honed them to become a widely-respected astrologer in his community and beyond. He is the founder of the, a blog dedicated to delivering detailed knowledge and study of astrology and current aspects. Kyree uses this platform as a means to give people a remarkable insight into astrology, while they get to know themselves better.

Over the years, he has provided excellent guidance for businesses, families, and individuals regarding career, relationships, personal development, amongst other areas. The Hood Mystic is not only known for trusted astrology chart readings, but his detailed and straightforward approach in his craft. He delights in helping people discover their purpose and become more aligned with their visions for the future. At all times, he brings incredible energy and expertise to make every session fulfilling, enjoying, and promising for them. His sensational consultancy services have earned him powerful reviews.

A published author of three books, Kyree is helping people realize their inner truth through the modality of astrology. The Hood Mystic is well-reviewed and well respected in the community. He is married with three children, and they reside in Detroit, Michigan. He finds it rewarding to teach people and guide them towards success.

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